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The most stable way to maintain a lower pH and hardness than your tap water would be to mix and maintain water for water changes in a separate area. RO/DI water will be easier to control than using peat. TDS are what fish actually are sensitive to, pH is generally a reflection of TDS, but if you're injecting CO2 into your tank you basically get an "artificial" pH reading as far as the fish are concerned. If you want to get very specific with fish needs, measuring conductivity is the way to go, as this measure is a much more controlled measure of the TDS that most affect fish. If you're doing EI and 50% PWC each week, then IMO your ideal main tank parameters should either 1) match your tap water or 2) start using RO/DI water in order to maintain stability.

Personally, I think you're fine with your water and GBRs as you are now. Just acclimate the Rams to your water slowly (IMO drip acclimation is best), and I'd encourage you to QT them for 2 weeks before moving them into the CO2-injected tank. This will give them more time to need to adjust to as few parameter differences at a time as possible.

My GBRs spawn constantly in my 90gal, with moderate hardness and pH about 7.2.
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