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Starting a tank with a lot of light and high CO2 is not a guaranteed success. The same goes for low light and high CO2. As far as maintenance is concerned there is no question - lower light is easier. A thing to note here is that according to Edward at least some higher light plants do well if the nutrients are balanced - he grows Rotala walichii under 0.9 wpg if I'm not mistaken.

I've tried both aprroaches and both required close attention the first few weeks. Here's my logic - if something is out of ballance it's the algae that will reproduce faster, not the plants :)

Oliver practices careful regulation of the light in the first stages. I tried that - reducing the lighting time to 6 hours and gradually increasing it to 11. It worked well, no algae problems (except diatoms but they are very much normal in the beginning, especially if no otos are used). Still that is only 1 tank I'm talking about.

To me personally one can really get a grip on the tank from day 1 using very high light if the nutrients are in balance.

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