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Hi all,

I am new to this forum.

And would like to ask some of the experts on NA to help me in improving the overall look of the tank.

I had the tank running close to 6 mths now and all the plants are extreamly healthy.

I am now very unhappy with the overall looks of the tank.
I have tried to rescape the tank many times but don't seem to be getting close to the results i see from the AGA and ADA layouts.

Any suggestions and advise on what I am doing wrong and how to improve the tank would be greatly appreciated.

I am very unsattisfied with the background plants and the foreground plannts. any suggestions on that?

I also find the tank very untidy , any suggestion on how to tidy it up?

Thank you all so much in advance.



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I really love what you have done with the mid ground, but I think you need a good stem plant in the back right insted of that big leaved tall plant, it looks out of place.

For the forground, I think glosso will look really nice if you have the light and co2 for it, if not maybe a micro sord to fill in the open areas. I think a dence forground would really complament the mid ground structure, it looks a little "bare" at the moment.

It is possable you may be able to let the forground "grow in" to get rid of the bare area.

Over all you have a very nice shape and you have the hard part done, you just need to tie the 3 areas of the tank together.

Put up some more pics, we love pics.
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