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African Violet Potting Soil

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I was at my local garden center to buy potting soil for my first NPT. However, every type I looked at had slow release fertilizer included, which I didn't want. However, I found a bag labeled "African Violet Mix" that looked promising, so I bought it.

Here are the ingredients - anyone had experience with this? Anyone have any trepidations about the mix? Additionally, the mix contains limestone which I would think would be ideal for buffering, but I may be mistaken.

Sphagnum Peat Moss
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Peat Moss is not usually used as a planting substrate by itself. It will work, but needs to be well soaked before it will sink.

I have used peat moss mixed with other materials as a substrate, and the 2 tend to separate.

No problems with water quality. GH and KH of my tap water are around 5 degrees, and some gets removed by the peat, but not enough to cause problems.
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