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Oh Bryce, I thought you were already confirmed! So sorry! I thought there was some law about leading APC and having to be at the conference! Your hospital just probably doesn't know about that. I'm sure if they did they would take the necessary steps to see that you went! :slywink:

For the plant auction how do you keep plants in good condition until Sunday? Do you just treat them as if you were mailing them?
Yeah, I thought you were coming Bryce! That's really too bad. Maybe next time.

Tex Gal,

I'd say that you could keep them in their bags in a place exposed to a little sunlight and they should be fine. I think, though, that they may be all collected beforehand and processed. I'm going to be helping with that this year, but Cheryl will probably have a better answer.
1 - 4 of 79 Posts
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