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AGA Convention 2008: Who's Going?

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Is anyone else planning on attending the 2008 AGA Convention in Atlanta, Georgia this November? It promises to be a great convention this year. The list of speakers is top-notch, including none other than the master himself, Takashi Amano!

I'm planning to be there. It will be great to meet some of you in person for a change. :D
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I will try to find a way to make it. I'm having schedule issues right now but hopefully it will be resolved soon.
I'm scheming, hoping, & thinking about how to pull it off. I'd love to actually meet some of the people I "know", hehe.

If travel wasn't becoming such a huge headache it would be a lot easier ignore the reasons not to go.
Well, it's looking more and more like I'll be there. :) I've joined AGA, and made the hotel reservations, so I've got 2 out of 3. I just have to make sure I can work it into my schedule now. It wjill be nice to put some faces behind the avatars and names.
I just signed up officially. :D
Excellent! I can't wait to see those of you I know again and to meet those I haven't met before. It's going to be a good show this year.
Signed up earlier this week, am looking forward to meeting folks!
I'd love to go. Thinking about how I can do it.....
Darn it, neither one of my regular convention travel buddies can make it to this one after just being in Atlanta in July....
I could swing it, but I'll have to do some deep pondering to see if I want to do a vacation solo. It's not like I mind being alone, but there are a few other factors to consider, like the Mr being on vacation at the same time and I don't want to cut in on his time, having to be here more for the dogs and stuff.

I'd definitely like to meet all of you though..... Decisions, decisions.....
Hey folks,

We have less than a week left before the hotel releases any unreserved rooms. If you're thinking about or planning on coming to the convention this year and haven't registered for your rooms please do so now. Once the hotel releases the rooms you will no longer get the reduced convention price.
Thanks Phil - I have some serious thinking/planning to do! :D
Thanks Phil - I have some serious thinking/planning to do! :D
If you're one of us, you'll go.... All the cool kids are doing it! [smilie=l:
If you're one of us, you'll go.... All the cool kids are doing it! [smilie=l:[/QUOTE]

Is Mikey going? Let's get Mikey! Mikey does eveything... If Mikey goes then I'll go... (Gotta be my age to get this one...) :mrgreen:
"He likes it! Hey Mikey!"

Too bad he ate pop rocks and drank pop and died....
Finally Confirmed. I am going to be there with a few other members from NASH. Hope to meet all of you there.
I'm booked and coming with my husband!! So excited! It'll be nice to meet some of you. What a nice get away!
OK, it's official! I'll be there. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
Aghhh. I came this close *** pinches fingers *** to booking it, but I just can't do it this year. I have to be out of town the weekend before and I can't get coverage at the hospital for two weekends in a row. BUMMER!!!
That's a shame you can't make it Bryce. I was looking forward to meeting you in person finally.

We'll all have to wear our name tags with our APC names on them as well as our real names so we can find each other. :)
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