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AGA Convention Field Trip

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AGA 2K4 Field Trip Update!

We've only got 13 more spots available for the Field trip. If you're
planning on attending the AGA convention & field trip and have not registered yet - the opportunity is about to slip away!

Register now!
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I was emailing few locals and non-locals about AGA and they are still debating !!!


There is nothing to think about. I would sacrifice 3 AGA Conventions (if $$$ is an issue) and dish out the money to come to AGA 2K4. What else can you ask for ? Amano / Jan is The Combo for all of us in this hobby. Take advantage of special rates and book Field Trip before its booked. Last year's walking-in members were disappointed not to be able to make the Field Trip due to lack of space.

I enjoyed 2K3 Field Trip and I wouldn't plan to miss this one.
Just a few weeks left now! Not to mention that the prices go up
next week. There's a small number of spots left - grab em while you
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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