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I just recieved my 55watt kit in the mail yesterday, and have started to assemble it. I was planning on having the 55watt kit paired up with my existing double, 2x20watt, NO flourescent strip to place over my 29gallon on a glass lid. Is this too much light? I have Co2 system with that Hagen Nutrafin setup and seems to be pumping out 30ppm according to PH/KH readings. Kim from AH Supply said that the 55watt kit would be enough to grow anything, but I've heard otherwise from other posters?!?

So the question becomes: Is the 55watt kit enough for a 29gal to grow whatever I want (including carpet), also considering I have the Co2 to go along with it?? or should I add the extra 40 watts to it for super light??

Thanks for the advice...
Nick D.
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