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AHSupply Customer Service(and if you want, product review)

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Well, i was reather excited today when i got my package from ahsupply. I was supposed to be getting a 2x13watt deluxe bright kit. Well when i opened it it was only the bright kit without the reflectors and extra accessories. Well, i was upset. Heh, actually upset about it for a few hours. Well i just checked my email and got this:

"Upon review, it appears that we shipped you the regular 13w Bright Kit
instead of the Deluxe version. I'm very sorry about this packing error
and today we shipped the additional components and correct instructions
via Express Mail so you should have them tomorrow."

LOL before i could even call them to complain they caught their mistake and had already resolved the issue! Big thumbs up for AHsupply. I guess tomorrow i'll try to play with the light and see how their products are, but if they're anything like their customer service i doubt i'll be disappointed.
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AH Supply is indeed a good place for lighting, depthc have bought some lights from there and his tanks look great.
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