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Air stone bad or good?

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I having been reading alot and noticed some people say they are bad and others say that they are ok in reference to CO2 levels. I am just wondering are they ok to use or should I turn it off at night with the lights as the only CO2 I put in is from dosing excel. Thanks
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I use mine at night if I dont my fish seem stressed and I only dose excel. My plants seem to like it to having oxygen at night too.
FYI, the bubbles from air stones do not themselves add any oxygen to an aquarium.

They create surface disturbance and that increases the absorption of oxygen from the atmosphere.

You basically only need to increase the amount of water surface that comes in contact with air. This can be done with a powerhead, the outlet of your filter spraybar and with airstones.

In planted tanks you want to avoid aggressive aeration during daylight hours. The regular water circulation that comes from your filter outlet (especially if it's at the surface) is enough. Timers are really useful when it comes to programming air pumps to come on at night.

Also, higher water temperature means less oxygen will be dissolved, so don't overheat the water.
Thanks so it seems like it is best to turn it off during the day then
I would say so if you have enough plants in the tank then they provide oxygen so you dont need anymore than that but at night it is good for plants and fish to have oxygen
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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