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Description: Both the Typhoon and Typhoon III are five (5) stage RO/DI (Reverse Osmosis/De-Ionizing) reef keeper units using either 75gpd or 100gpd (Gallons Per Day) FilmTec membranes for truly great water quality and production rates.

Typhoon and Typhoon III use five (5) stages of filtration and purification, compared to only the four (4) stages of your standard RO system. Using only one carbon pre-filter would allow for more impurities to pass as there would be simply too much water for one carbon filter to handle. Putting your sensitive aquarium and reef system at risk.

When you add a float valve to your tank water making becomes totally automatic. Water making can be totally automated with the included automatic shut-off valve and the optional float valve. .

This unit comes pre-assembled with filters and membrane installed and is accompanied by an easy-to-use illustrated instruction manual.

This unit can be used on city or well supply water and all filters are standard size.

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