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I have 7 corys, 5 x Albino and 2 x Bronze. They do not eat algea and the chap who told you that wants firing for giving you false info.

Corys like a planted tank and the type of plants does not matter imo. I have pea gravel in mine but i am about to re do the whole tank soon. I plan on treating the corys by putting 24"L x 5"D of sand at the front of the aqaurium. Why? cos i am scared that my pea gravel might wear down they barbs.

As for feeding i only feed them once every other day with algea waffers, also once in a while bloodworms.

Also bare in mind if you have a female and male then they wil breed as mine do...constantly... and they will eat the eggs which gives them proten.

I got some bog wood in my aqaurium and they love to rest under it away from the lights.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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