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So to follow up on this. I've also read that too much iron can cause this algae. I've lowered the time that the lights are on and lowered how much Fe I dose and it is seemingly gotten worse. What have you tried to control it?

I've been struggling with this algage for almost 2 months. My CO2 is pretty stable and I've made the changes I described above.
First, welcome to APC!

If you have low light and no added CO2 you will be unlikely to get black brush algae. But, if you add DIY CO2, which is always variable, as opposed to stable, you will get BBA even if you do have low light. I am using 20-30 PAR lighting now, on 3 tanks, and I don't use any added CO2, so (knock on wood) I don't have any problems with BBA. When I was experimenting with DIY CO2 with the same amount of light, I had to use Excel to avoid BBA, and even that didn't always work. During this experience I was dosing per the Estimative Index method, so I had abundant iron in the water. Now I am still dosing per the Estimative Index method, but at about half the recommended amount - no BBA.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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