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Algae ball or moss ball

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Java moss
Vesicularia dubyana


Algae balls
Cladophora aegagrophila

I am extremely confused about the above types of 'plants'. I went to a LFS to get a algae ball or moss ball. I knew before hand they were easy to keep but when I did a search on the net, I am only able to narrow it down to this 3...

now here's questions 2 and 3...

the ball usually turns from dark green and well kempt ball to a light green and bushy one after only several days in my tank !!! why is that so?

Lastly, I tried to tie it on a wire mess with strings and left it there for 1 month... DIDNT WORK !! it just wun attached itself!! any ideas?


tank is 40 gal, with liquid dose of API leaf zone (only a 1/3 of recommended dosage) and also with SeaChem Flourish.. There are other plants in the tank, Alage is minimium with an SAE keeping it in check. No green water.

Lights : 2-3 watt per gal (cant remember exact watt) and 80000k. I keep it on for about 8 hours a day.

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Here is some info on Moss balls that might help you out..., Japanese Moss Balls.htm
thanks for the link... now i can do more research since i know the exact species! thanks..
Your Welcome :)
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