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davemonkey brings up some very good points about your setup. With 3.5 wpg you definitely need a carbon source preferably pressurized CO2. If you can't add CO2, you should turn off two of the 65w simply have too much light.

A blackout will not help your situation. Blackouts are effective against Green Water and Blue Green and not for other types of Algae. Black Beard Algae can survive for weeks with ambient room light or less while the plants cannot.

Manually removal is your best plant of attack though it is next to impossible with BBA. Excel or Gluteraldehyde overdosing is probably your best plan of attack against BBA. You can take a look at this thread for overdosing Flourish Excel or this thread for overdosing it's generic counterpart gluteraldehyde. Some prefer to go overboard when dosing these two carbon sources.

I have found that 0.5ml per gallon for 1-2 days followed by 0.25ml per gallon works extremely well at eliminating BBA. For my 75g I dose 30ml for two days then cut back to 15ml for the next 6-7 days and it totally eliminates my BBA. You should see it start to turn pink around day 3-4 if not sooner. Be warned that some plants like Riccia (and other bladderworts), Valisneria species, and a few others do not tolerate Excel or Gluteraldehyde overdoses.

Once the algae is eliminated you should continue with daily additions of Excel/Gluteraldehyde so you have a carbon source in your tank. Even with two of your 65w bulbs turned off, you are on the edge of needing a carbon source in your tank and Excel/Gluteraldehyde will be a big help. You should also look into a fertilization routine for your tank. The Estimative Index would be my recommendation if you are new to fertilizing. It is easy to follow and works very well as long as you don't mind doing 50% water changes each week.
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