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Algae eater?

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Are there any fish that will eat green fuzzy algae that grows in my dwarf hairgrass?
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I have 3 SAEs, no cigar there. (haha, that's an SAE joke)

I can't use shrimp because the Altums will eat-em.

It's "fluffy"- I think it's hair algae.
I do have some little outbreaks of clado which I pick out by hand- they cling to the gravel.
This stuff is different, not slimy though.
I was thinking maybe some livebearer might eat it. Don't see many Ameca splendens for sale around here....
hi bryce!
hmmmmm, never heard that, and I do see them for sale from time to time. Thanks!
Save your dough, I have SAEs and they do not eat it.
I don'[t think ghost shrimp even eat algae. The RCS should though....I can't put shrimp in with my big fish.
yeah, I'd probably buy some Flag fish if I could find them locally.
where do you live?
BEEG state.
I'm in li'l ol' CT.
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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