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Algae eater?

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Are there any fish that will eat green fuzzy algae that grows in my dwarf hairgrass?
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I'm pretty set on mine being Hair Algae.

I've picked up 10 RCS and 10 Ghost shrimp as I've heard they do well with hair algae.

Nothing so far, nothing seems to be interested in it...

I think I'm going to place an order and get some SAE's to see if they can handle it...
Save your dough, I have SAEs and they do not eat it.
I don'[t think ghost shrimp even eat algae. The RCS should though....I can't put shrimp in with my big fish.
Live aquaria says that ghost shrimp will, they do a good job cleaning up leftover food though so I'll keepem around.

I'm looking at maybe an American Flag fish now? I've heard they eat the stuff...

btw: page 2 owned
I live an hour and a half from the nearest LFS so I go through live aquaria haha.

Unless I wanna drive that far for the slight chance they have some. :\
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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