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Algae help

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Hi guys, I have a 45 Gallon newly planted aquarium. My water is Crystal clear, but I can't seem to get rid of the algae growing on the plants, driftwood/rock and glass. I started using Flourish-excel last week and it did lower the density of the algae on the glass, but didn't get rid of it all together. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Can we get all the specs on the tank? aka plants, light, fertilizer, substrate. What type of algae? picks?
New tanks are always going to have some algae issues. Keep the front glass clean with a scrubber or cloth. Good fertilizing (N,P,K, and micros) and carbon source (CO2 or excel) will keep the plants healthy and allow them to out-compete most of the algae.

Getting the right doses of each nutrient will take some tinkering and guessing at first, but you've got to get a starting point and from there. (Example; I started with the Seachem Guide and with a bit of DIY CO2 and then made adjustments over time as I saw changes, problems, changed lighting, etc...)

But, like chagovatoloco has requested, it's hard to give accurate advice without some info on your set-up and what your current routine is.

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