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Algae ID, staghorn? Diagnoses.

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Think this is staghorn but not sure, most of the plants have this growing on them though its not CRAZY out of control its just kind of there, pretty unnnoticable but i'd like it gone :p


What causes it?
how can I rid of it besides excel/h202?
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Yeah, staghorn. It's usually from a spike in ammonia. Time to clean the filter.
yea I usually leave the filter alone I can easily say it hasn't been touched in a month 1/2 XD thanks !
Will you send me a leave for a look under microscope? Identifying may help. I am in Colorado.
couldn't send u a leaf as it went away, previously when I made the post it was just growing on the plant in the pic :)
after a filter cleaning it disappeared as said.
It was indeed staghorn algae :) if I ever get it again I could send u a leaf of it if you'd like, however I cannot pay the shipping (currently).
It is OK, I could send you a FedEx label by e-mail. But I hope you will not have it anymore!
haha I hope so to :) so far so good!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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