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Algae ID

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Since summer started, this algae has gone crazy in my tank. Does anyone have any idea what kind it is? Also there is a fine green algae that is also growing on some of the leaves on my red ludwiga and I am not sure what it is either. The tank has been set up since November and I have never had any problems like this before. Also, would Florida Flag Fish help exterminate this algae? Thanks for any help.


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Looks like dreaded staghorn to me. Dreaded cause it is ugly as sin, spreads reasonably fast, and unless you are lucky fish and shrimp dont touch it (even those noted for eating it).

Usually if your infestation isn't too bad, you can take care of it with nutrient balance and lots of plant fast plant growth. Seeing the results usually takes a couple be persistant with maintaining good fert levels (NPK/trace/CO2) and manually removing what you can

the following is my aggressive method when staghorn hits that beyond hope point. It is aggressive and has the potential to harm fish/plants/bacterial colony if you don't know what you are doing.
1)get your hands on some super fast growers like bacopa, hornwort etc and toss them in your tank...let them float. You are looking at growing a BIG floating nutrient sump.
2) get your nutrients all balanced ala Tom Bars estimative index (works reasonably well in most cases)
3) SLOWLY add 4oz of store brand (3%) Hydrogen peroxide to the THIS SLOWLY!!! (in case you didn't get it the first time)
4) Repeat in 2 days (50% WC, re-balance, re H2O2)
5) don't touch the tank for a full week

I did this and my staghorn COMPLETELY dissapeared..NOT A SINGLE SIGN that it was ever in the tank. I didn't have a single fatality (or damage that I could tell) from the H2O2. I didn't have a single plant loss (or damage that I could tell) and htis tank has the ever melting crypts.
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