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Algae ID

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Since summer started, this algae has gone crazy in my tank. Does anyone have any idea what kind it is? Also there is a fine green algae that is also growing on some of the leaves on my red ludwiga and I am not sure what it is either. The tank has been set up since November and I have never had any problems like this before. Also, would Florida Flag Fish help exterminate this algae? Thanks for any help.


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tanVincent said:
Hey Gomer,

I thought when H2O2 touches water, it disintegrates into hydrogen and oxygen compounds? If that is the case, it will not have any effect at all. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I'm not Gomer, but what the hey.
You buy H2O2 in highly diluted form- only 3% diluted in (you guessed it) water. When putting it in the aquarium, you dilute it much more. It will oxidize organic matter with the release of oxygen. That's the bubbling you see when it is working. It will most certainly do something when in the tank. Too much will kill everything in the tank!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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