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Algae in dwarf hairgrass.

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My tank has been up and running for about 2 months now. I've yet to have any sort of algae problem outside of this one.

My param's are fine, I have roughly 4wpg 6700k lighting. I'm dosing excel along with a small amount of diy co2.

My plants have grown INCREDIBLY fast, over a foot on my myrio within 3 weeks.

All my fish are fine, nothing seems to be out of order with that.

But I'm getting some threadlike, I dont know if I should be calling it hair algae yet, growing in clumps along the bases of my hairgrass

That seems to be the ONLY place that it has been growing...

I added some RCS to help deal with this problem but they have yet to touch the stuff.

Any solutions?

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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