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Hydra is just as bad or worse than algae, especially if you use lots of live foods. Hydra made their way into my tanks about a year ago and have taken a firm foothold despite all attempts to expell them. The fastest way for hydra to spread and infest a tank is by introducing small live foods like BBS or moina. This becomes a huge problem for those who breed fish and rear young. I have found chemicals to be pretty much useless especially in planted tanks. Remember that hydra are inverts, so anything that kills them will harm other inverts like shrimp.

I have tried using salt with a lot of success, but this was in my bare bottom rearing tanks. Several species of Gourami are known to eat Hydra so if your tank allows it, you can introduce these fish to your tank. They won't eradicate them completely but will definitely keep them in check.

The coolest way to get rid of them, err get rid of most of them... is to electricute the tank using a 6 volt battery. Suggested to me by a friend, I did this to one of my small planted tanks. I took out all the fish and hooked up wires to the battery terminals and dropped the wire ends in the tank. It did not take long for them to die. I did see a few hydra pop up a few months later.

I have to admit, these thing are pretty cool, I especially like to watch them catch and eat BBS but they do hurt fry and young fish. I don't think they can actually kill fry. If anything, constant stinging probably weakens the fish, making them susceptible to disease.
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