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I second davemonkey's comment about changing out DIY CO2 mixes to keep them constant. Try starting a new bottle every week, then simply swap out the bottle attached to the tank after 1 week with the new bottle that was started. So at any given point in time you have 2 bottles going, started a week or so apart.

The brown algae you have is not a true algae it is a single celled organism that feeds off organic material in your tank. It usually appears in new tanks that have just been set up, in tanks with a lot of food waste that has built up, or in tanks that have low light. The "algae" might be feeding off the other gasses coming out the DIY CO2 setup.

Excel will not harm this algae to the best of my knowledge. But otto cats will eat the stuff voraciously. Just be sure to get more than 3 of them because they absolutely need company.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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