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This my tank info:
30 G with 3 WPG lighting, on for 12 hours
Pressurised CO2 around 30-35 ppm
NO3 10ppm
PO4 1ppm
Kh 3.5dg
Gh 7dg

I do 50% water change 1Xweek, and then add 1/4 tsp KNO3, around 1ml Fleet enema and 1/4 tsp K2SO4 after every water change.
I add 1/4 tsp KNO3 and around 1ml fleet enema 2 times during the week.
I also add 5ml Traces 2xweek (I used to dose sera frourite but now I started dosing FloraGro by RedSea)

I used to have a DIY co2 and I had all kinds of algae specially BBA but after moving to pressure CO2 all of my algae is gone (BBA, Thread).
However I am now struggling with this 2 types of algae.

I guess this is spot algae? I tried dosing more PO4 around 1.5 ppm but nothing happened.

I have no idea what kind of algae this is and how to fight it. It grows on java moss on my spray bar on the glass and on some plants leaves that are near the water surface. It feels slimy when I touch it. Before doing the water change I remove this algae from the glass and after 2 days it starts developing. by the end of the week the back glass of the tak is full of this algae as well as the spray bar.

Can someone id this plant gor me. It just started growng in the java moss.

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plants are pearling like crazy, and i prune them every week.

Test kits: I have 2 brands, sera and Hagen, NO3 and P04, both of them show the same readings, I also made a test solution for NO3 to see if the test kits are accurate and they are ok.

Algea eaters: I have 2 otos, and 10 Jabonica shrimps, but they dont interested in eating these 2 kinds of algae. I tried to fins some SAE but noone has them here. Any othe algae eaters that you would recomend, besides barbs and plecos?

The tank is medium planted, I am waiting for an order to arrive to add more plants.

The tank is set up for almost 4 months now, 2 months with preasure CO2.

I will go ahead and remove one of my flourence and leave 2.4 WPG and reduce the light to 10 hours and see what happens.
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