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Quote from Fortuna Wolf 08/2008:

"If anyone happens upon a terrestrial one (they are very inconspicuous, you usually have to catch them in bloom to ID them) consider trying it out submersed. I have identified 4 terrestrial species that grow nearby and I'm going to try to collect some for the aquarium."

Please be cautious when collecting U.S. Native carnivorous plants. Quite a few, if not most, of them are endangered in the wild, and it is a Federal offense to collect them. If you don't know exactly what species you are collecting, then please do not take it from the wild. It might be one of the few of it's kind remaining. If you do know what species you are collecting, then please check with the USDA via the site below to make sure it is not Federally endangered or protected on a state level.

The best option is to purchase the plants from a reputable seller that has gotten permission to collect starter plants, and is selling only plants that have been propagated in their nursery.

Our love for plants should not be the cause of their demise.
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