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So a couple of months i was interested in growing a green planted tank. including these plants: java fern, anubias, blyxa, xmas moss, bolbitis, and vallisneria nana. But i never wouldve thought, since i have always read that these plants are undemanding, that i would have alot of trouble getting these plants to grow. All my attempts to grow them and fill my aquarium have been in vain, the algae seems to grow faster than the plants, and everytime my anubias and fern grow new leaves they come out stunted and lighter than the old leaves, which are forming spot algae. My vallisneria nana keeps getting brown hair algae on the leaves that drag across the water surface(nearest to lighting, of course) Blyxa doesnt seem to grow at all. Moss, always seems brown and rotting, showing only little bright green spots at every tip of the leaves. Bolbitis, just simply and painfully melts away.... as for my stem plants( rotala wallichii, rotala macrandra, l. aromatica, riccia, and rotala nanjensha) they all seem to grow just fine(arent these supposed to be the "hard to grow" plants?) THe only way i can get my fern to grow is keeping riccia above it, to block out the light, but it makes the whole scenery look very unattractive.Anyone got any advice? Another problem, not really a problem, more of a question, what is better for a green slow growing aquaria; 6500k or more than 6500k?:confused:

MY specs are:
Not overstocked
2 watts per gallon( 48" 2x 54watts)
co2 diffused
pwc every 4 days about 10%
i add fertilizers( brightwell aquatics)
aquasoil amazonia II

Ill get bak to ya on the ammonia and phosphate and stuff in the afternoon.

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You don't mention how long your tank has been set up, but if it's fairly new, it's not uncommon to go through algae issues, especially the brown diatoms, which you seem to have. Ottos will quickly eat that, btw.

How long is your lighting period? Personally, I would start there, and cut it down to 7hrs. I'm not familiar with your fertilizer line, but make sure they add all macros and needed micros.

Blyxa often times will melt and/or die off when introduced into a new environment. When I first planted mine, I lost 5 out of 6 plants. The survivor has populated my tanks since then.
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