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Allow myself to myself

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Hey everyone! my names Collin, I will see if I can add that under my user name so you can just call me that. I currently have a 10 gallon fresh water tank with sadly only 2 fish in it... one is a pleco and the other is chiclid names Sasha lol. the tank had a few molly's in it but my bigger one sasha ate them, so now its just the pleco and her ( and I know its a her ) I have 2 beta fish as well. there just in small glash squares one on my dresser and one on my desk. Jack is a solid jet black beta which I waited for my friend to find for almost 6 months!!! well worth the wait! and my first fish and Betta is Barry-da beta he is mostly blue with black fins. I have a good friend who works at a local fish store and can always advice and help me. but I do like forums... so why not right?
anyways I recently decided that I wanted to try my luck at salt water... I dont seem to have issues keeping up the 10 gallon fresh water, but want to be able to have some different fish in the salt tank. I am sure I will have questions about salt mixes and food and what not a little later. here is what I was thinking:

14 gallon Bio-cube
yup that pretty much sums it up lol. I was told by a number of places that it would be a GREAT tank to start a salt water tank with. I would like some of the members on here to maybe clean the "rumors" up for me. I was told it would be great for coral... I wouldn't put a ton in... just kind of like the idea of live rock, and plants. also the lights on it have different settings and shades? the filter turns over 350+ gallons per hour and will cycle the tank more than the 11 times per hour that i need ( or so I was told) I like the idea of the biocube for a few reasons, its small and would work great in my limited space... and its all included right there, filter built right in and it looks great.

I know lots of you probably have huge tanks and will laugh at someone getting a 14 gallon tank... but keep in mind I have only had a fresh water tank for a year or so, and dont really have space for anything bigger... anyways thats all I can think of for now... if you have any questions for me fee free to ask. if you guys are like the guys on the truck forums I belong to your gonna want some pictures right? lol

as you can see I am pretty laid back and dont really let things bother me.. I am always up for a good joke even if it means making fun of me!

ok if you read all that... I AM SO SORRY!!! you just wasted your night!! lol
I will now be trying to figure out how to set up avatars and sigs and what not. so PM me if this forum has PM options... I really dont know

Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say!

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Welcome Collin. Why not try it with plants in your current tank first? :D
I did have some plants... but I got them from a crappy store and they all just died. I also didn't give them enough light lol

I do plan on adding some more plants to the fresh tank in the future too
Hi Collin!
My real nick name is... um... Sasha! :pound:

All of a sudden I orgot what I else was going to say. :rolleyes:

Welcome! :D
so what do you all think about the 14 gallon Bio-cube???
no one??? this is mainly a freshwater site I am guessing right?
Hi, Collin.
I know here are some people with reef tanks, but perhaps they can't see this thread yet. This part of the forum is used mostly for greetings.

As of myself, I have three fresh water tanks, so I really don't know anything about the salt water tanks. I wanted one in the beginning, but after I learned some details, I've decided to go with the fresh water for now.

The complexity of water chemistry and wild life destruction really stopped me from reef tank hobby. I realized how difficult it is to keep all the corals alive and that most of species are coming from endangered ecosystems.

There are many colorful fresh water plants and creatures and nothing is more beautiful to me then well aquascaped healthy tank with lush plants and happy tenants. It is very exciting to see them do well, breeding and thriving in little tanks I am managing to keep in OK conditions.
Needless to say it would be frustrating to see the opposite results.

I can only speak for myself and as I said, I figured if I can’t keep the fresh water tank well, I shouldn’t even think of the reef one.

But this is only my story, this is what happened to me. :)
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Hello Collin... Welcome to APC :D

This is a site dedicated to freshwater planted tanks. But there is some on here that keep reefs, like myself. A 14G Bio cube is just fine for starting a reef tank. My first reef was a 12G Nano Cube. The corals you keep will depend on the amount of light/wattage in the setup you choose. Starting off with some easy to grow lower light corals is highly recommend. Like: Mushrooms, Xenia, Anthelia, some zoa's.
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