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(almost) Free Ludwigia Repens (rotala too?)

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Have lots of overgrown ludwigia in the 29. If you want it, I am shipping plants tomorrow morning

First APC member* to claim it gets it. I might have some rotala indica for you too (APC contest!!! *hint hint*)

$5.50 covers S/H to anywhere in the Con US.

Must paypal tonight.

*not someone who joins for the plants and then leaves;)
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Just Kidding. Gomer has given me free ludwigia before. Nice Red! =)
Hi Gomer ... Did anyone take the plants yet? I am interested if you havn't already given them to someone else.

Sorry, all was claimed.

Things like this I don't hold on to. I pretty much cut and if no one claims by the time I go to the post office, then I trash be quick :)
so you trashed it??????


Give me anything u trash. Then i won't cry.
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