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I'm new here, so thought I'd better introduce myself. I live in Aiea, Hawaii; lived here all my life. It's a great place to live, unfortunately we have very strict agricultural rules. Which means there isn't always a great selection of plants and fish for freshwater aquariums (aquaria?). Even saltwater choices are restricted. We don't want our aina (land) destroyed by invasive species more than it already has been.

I've always had fish tanks, some with live plants others with fake. I really do prefer live, but I'd never heard of planted tanks before. A friend of mine recently started a high-tech tank that looks great and I've learned quite a bit from his experience. However, CO2, fertilizers, and constantly monitoring aren't for me. I stumbled upon the Walstad method while researching planted tanks. It sure sounds good to me.

I've recently set up an El Natural 20 high in my living room. My apartment faces south and we have a large plate glass wall, so lots of sunlight. I used generic top soil and 2-3 mm sand. The hood is stock, so I have no idea how powerful the light is. I may change it later, depending on how the plants do. I'm using a Tetra Whisper filter and a heater because it's been rather chilly lately. I've got anubius, frogbit, java fern, something really fluffy whose name I can't recall (I may give it to my high-tech friend as I've been reading that this plant prefers higher light), some kind of red stem plant and a green stem plant that I'm not really happy with. There're some plants that look like a cross between sword and anubius and several driftwood sticks. Oh, and moss on rocks.

I can't wait to introduce my fish to their new home. They're currently in quarantine tanks thanks to an outbreak of ich (ick?) in my former tank. They should be ready for their new home by this weekend. I may make a smaller one for my rather destructive goldfish.

Mahalo (thank you) for all of the wonderful pictures, links and advice I've been reading through. I hope I can be at least half as successful at this as most of you.

A hui ho (until next time),
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