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Dry dosing would be oh so simple on a tank that large, but to each his own.

How long do you want the solution to last?

You have a 150 gal tank, so the most KNO3 you'd need would be about 2-1/4
teaspoon per week of KNO3.
Let's say you want a 4 week solution:
Add 2-1/4 tsp X 4 weeks= 9 tsp KNO3.

Next do the KH2PO4.
Say 3/4th-ish teaspoon, X 4 weeks = 3 tsp of KH2PO4.

So for a 4 week supply, add 9 tsp of KNO3, 3 tsp of KH2PO4.
Add that to 500mls of water or whatever you have.
It will need to be enough water to dissolve all the salt.
Dose 500mls/28 days = 18 mls per day

Add the water, then make it as concentrated as you'd like.
You can always use the week dry dosing + add this to a some amount of water
and simply divide the solution by days till they are all gone.

Use the dry dose amounts as a reference and add them to water to make a

From there you simply divide by the amount of days the dry ferts would typically
last and dose the appropriate mls to use it up by that final day.

Got it?
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