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Am I seeing this price for a JBJ regulator right?

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I noticed an ad for this on The Planted Tank tonight. Just to think I paid 88.00 or so last week for one......

Andrew Cribb
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Looks right according to the site, seems like thay are having one heck of a sale.
As far as I could see, the only available shipping option for that was overnight express mail for almost $25. I couldn't select anything else. Hmmmm......... :x
I was going to order some Anubias sp. from them yesterday - but the only shipping option was also overnight at $25.00. Maybe, if I ordered a ton of plants and a regulator if the shipping is still $25.00 it would be worth it. For the regulator, 53 + 25 = 78. The nearest seems to be $88.00 shipping inclusive. So there is a savings.

Andrew Cribb
There is some glitch with the system. At first, Overnight Express is your only option; but after having selected it, the updated page will allow for other shipping methods.

This is undoubtedly a phenomenal sale on a quality piece of equipment. For those who are still deciding on whether or not to make the switch to pressurized CO2, this is one sale you do NOT want to miss!!!

You don't need a pH controller but just in case you have some extra cash. :mrgreen:

If you are near the vendor's physical location, then you might also want to take advantage of this special pricing via local pickup if permitted. Even after shipping, the price per bag is a few dollars less than what is offered around here. :shock:
Thanks for the good find. I've been saving up to get this regulator, so perfect timing. With shipping all you have to do is enter your zip code in first and recalculate, and then fed-ex ground will come up(8.25$).
Well, this sale got me to break down and order a CO2 controller. $79 with 3-day shipping. Not as great a bargain as the regulator, but still the best price I've seen.
Darn, I've got to stop looking at these things... :wink:
I ordered both a regulator and controller, then I noticed that Eco-Complete is only $9.99/bag so I ordered 3 of them too. With all that weight, the shipping only came out $17.85 for the whole works.

I do think the regulator is the Milwaukee though, at least it looks identical to my other ones.

Now, does anyone want to buy a nice brand new C02 splitter that I won't be needing anymore?? :lol:
Apparently the sale page has been updated to reflect the actual regulator (does look like the Milwaukee). There's a thread on PLanted Tank regarding this.

I just hope that the controller I ordered is, in fact, the Milwaukee unit that's pictured.
I would go to get an image of that page and hold them to the deal. Better Business Bureau complaint if not. Amazon and many others have had to keep to promises they made....
Boy, what has recently happened on the planted tank is just disgusting.

First off most of you should know by know that it isn't the JBJ regulator thats for sale, its a Milwaukee. Still a good deal yes, but not for me for being mislead. - I find Olav's post to be perhapes "manipulative?" I don't care if he thinks the Milwaukee is better...I want to get the regulator that was for sale.

And then this happened. Boy, if I ordered from AP my soul might not rest so well.

BTW, the controller from AP is not really that hot of a deal since it doesn't come w/ calibration solution. If you order from glass-gardens, he includes a FREE 220 mL of 7.01 buffer solution. These normally cost $15-20 + shipping, and you must have it to calibrate the probe. Plus glass-gardens is a sponser of this forum. :)
If anyone ever needs to order pH calibration solutions go to

475ml bottle is $5. 1 gallon is $18. I ordered some 7 and 4 solutions from them a few months ago. Shipping is reasonable and they send along a nice catalog of tubing, fitting and metering pumps.
bharada said:
If anyone ever needs to order pH calibration solutions go to

475ml bottle is $5. 1 gallon is $18. I ordered some 7 and 4 solutions from them a few months ago. Shipping is reasonable and they send along a nice catalog of tubing, fitting and metering pumps.
Nice! That is a very good deal. Thanks for sharing, I put my order in!
Interesting, the thread was deleted.
gnatster said:
Interesting, the thread was deleted.
I will just tell you in short. A lot of cursing, smart a**ing, and insulting. People who had a problem with their order or the business ethics were treated like trash.
So he put up JBJ for $53 or $55 and then changed it to Milwaukee? Is that the deal? It just goes to show if something looks to good to be true, it usually is. That is LESS than what his cost would be for the regulator. When I saw it, I figured he must be selling it at cost to get rid of stuff he hasn't sold. Close out sale. Guess not. But even for Milwaukee that is right around cost. Even Troy won't sell at cost! :shock:

And by the way, the SMS 122 does come with one packet of 7.01 calibration fluid. If it is Not being inlcuded, then someone is removing it before shipping it. And the bottles do not retail for $15. They retail for about $8. At least that is what I sell them for when I have them.
It's not that it was just the JBJ Milwaukee mix-up, heck everyone makes a mistake. It's how the issue was handled. The holier then thou, smart @ss replies claiming to have done one a favor by switching since the perceived failure rate is so much lower and the I know better then you so how can I be wrong smugness that went along with it thats the real issue. Add that to the fact the thread was totally erased one has to wonder who is being appeased, and why. Are the needs of the community being sacrificed to make a sponsor happy. The whole affair is starting to stink like 3 day old fish.
Well the whole WEB site is down for me right now...

Planted tank is being very cautious about permitting negative feedback. Not to make their advertisers happy, but to protect themselves. Their vendor review forum has become so restrictive there isn't really any point in having it. I told Kyle he should just do away with it and have much less head ache and keep everybody happy. But he won't do that.

If he is arugueing that Milwaukee is better and and has been more reliable, I would take issue with that. Anyone that has been following the threads on Planted tank for the last three months can see the differences between them and read more complaints about Milwaukee than JBJ. Most people figure it out themselves and make their own choice any way.
Yep, it's down for me too...wouldn't be surprised that it is linked to all of this.

I've been following that thread very closely the few days it has been up. The moderators of Planted Tank made the right move. There was a lot of trash talk and bs (by the sponsor) and absolutely necessary to pull it. Nothing positive was coming out of it and pulling it was the best for the community.

But the same time everyone should have the right to know what happened! I wish all had a chance to witness themselves the depths of how low human character can fall and the such disgusting business ethics!
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