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Since your moderator Gnatster seems to be under the impression there is some sort of X-Files conspiracy going on and is pushing the issue here and at Planted Tank, I will post here the same reply I posted to him over at Planted Tank for those of you here at APC who might be following:

So a site sponsor makes a mistake and creates a lot of discussion and in my view that same sponsor does a poor job in rectifiing the situation. In fact the defense of the mistake causes even more problems.

Now the thread is gone.

A site sponsor made a mistake. It did create a lot of discussion. However the discussion deteriorated into absolute rudeness and name calling. Conduct in that thread became inappropriate and unbecoming...that's why the thread was pulled. You would have never allowed the discussion and the language used to head the way it was going on the site you moderate Gnat and I am surprised you are questioning the way we handle things here. I would never second guess you or the other mods over there. I know you all too well to do that.

My question to everyone on this thread who are complaining they were "censored": Did you read the last posts in that thread? Did you read what was being said? Do you think language and tone like that belong here?

A member of Planted Tank:
You mods should have more respect for the good members of this board...
Very disapointing!
We do! That's why I won't let anybody, sponsor, mod or another member talk at, or down to any member on this forum. I will not allow anyone to call anyone else names or try to make them feel stupid or embarrassed. I am guessing you didn't see how the thread ended up. If you did, I am sure your statement wouldn't have been "You mods should have more respect for the good members of this board..." , it would have been "You good members of the board should have more respect for the other good members of the board".

Listen, everyone, No one is trying to stop people from posting. We allow a lot of leeway as to what is said and how it is said. We all love to read people's questions and advice. We like to participate in civil, thoughtful discussions. However, when a thread gets out of control, language gets inappropriate and thread participants get abusive that thread is going to get pulled. Like it or not. We may try to edit and repost the thread, but that takes some work at times, and isn't going to happen instantaneously. ANYONE posting in an abusive, negative manner will be contacted via PM about their actions on the board.

Abusive language, tone and attitude is just not going to be tolerated! I don't care how many people are participating or venting in a thread. When things sink down to that level, someone is going to be hurt, and I will not stand for that. I don't want anyone, not a single member, to stop logging into Planted Tank because they are angry, embarrassed or insulted due to someone else's "verbal beat down". Thats what moderators do. Thats what all of the moderators at Planted Tank do.

As Buck (moderator at Planted Tank) stated " our ONLY objective here is to keep a peaceful , happy , friendly forum here and if it steers in any other direction it is gone." That's the spirit of this board. That's how the mods treat Planted Tank, thats how almost all of the members treat Planted Tank. That is how every member should treat Planted Tank!

The thread at Planted Tank has over 50 responses, and will take some time to edit and repost. Unfortunately, Gnat won't give us the chance to do that. Instead he questions the motives of the administrator and the moderators at Planted Tank both on the Planted Tank website and here on the APC boards. I would expect a "moderator" would understand what was going on and give the people at Planted Tank an opportunity to address the situation before rushing to a very negative conclusion. Very Fox Mulder if you ask me.

Good day.

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