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Browsing the USA ADA site I stepped upon this page:

There is a reference there of this:
With this classical style of external filters, we employed a new system of water activation which Plocher Vertriebs established in Germany. The form of the filter cannister is designed for effective circulation of water through the filter media which minimizes the burden on the motor and allows a long time use. A special device employing the Plocher Energy System, revives the activities of bacteria and microorganisms, and rejuvenates the aquarium water to a harmonized condition. The quality of the aquarium water and the overall conditions of the aquarium improves with the unique effects of Plocher Energy.
Further searching brought me to this page in Plochers site (a part translated roughly):

We are proud on the fact that a world-well-known company ranks such as Aqua Design Amano for several years among our customers and ROLAND PLOCHER energy system uses products of the house for the optimization of the water quality and the stabilization of a natural equilibrium. It shows nevertheless the confidence, which even outstanding specialists have into the reliable effect of our products.
Original url with complete text:

and then here:

It seems that this guy energizes silver granules with the memory of clean water and gives it back to dirty water by attaching the silver enclosed in stainless steel in the water that needs to be revitalized. I reckon something like that is used in the amano filters.

And I wonder what next are we going to do prayers and put amulets or something to make our water clean?
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