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Oceanic and AGA could do well to sit up and take note that quality is what is needed
Oceanic will happily construct a tank for you in the same type of low iron glass , however the price is an order of magnitude greater then the current smaller custom builders.

AGA will be releasing a line of tanks built with low iron glass in '05. However, from the brochure I was shown the tanks will not be rimless. Before you ask, pricing was not discussed.

Keep in mind that AGA and Oceanic as well as Perfecto are constructing for the mass market to a price point. Assuming they could construct such a 20gal size in quantity sufficient to for economy of scale to bring it in at $100, how many of said tanks would move off the shelves of you local Petco when a similar sized $30 tank is right next to it. The custom builders are marking to a very tiny niche. The quality you see comes at a price in time, money and convenience.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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