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I also have thought about this from time to time. I get the feeling that maybe it paases throught everyones mind occasionally. The only problem I can see wiht it is the lack of flow in the tank which seems like it would lead to algae problems, no matter how healthy the plants. Dead spots in the water colum are something you really want to avoid. I guess you could just use a power head though, or more, depending on the size of your tank. Do you do anything like this Justin? As far as the NO3 NH4 isue goes, the plants would have the fill of NH4 since it forms first. ANy that was not consumed and converted to NO3 would then be taken in by hte plants. That assumes a healthy, balanced tank. That is the reason we usually need to dose NO3. Thats just the way it seems to me. I am sure it is probably more complicated than that but..........

So, I wonder how many out there go filterless?
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