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Plants need both NH4+ and NO3- for optimum growth. It can never hurt to have some sort of filtration in your tank other than your plants. One can never tell when something might happen that causes the plants to not use up the materials as quickly as they used to. The buffer provided by filters is very handy. They're also good for removing particles from the water. :)

On the topic of NH4+ and NO3- once a tank is established the amounts of NH4+ being put off into the aquarium are negligible compared with the amount of NO3 available. Also, since NH4+ has a positive charge it will bond with the negatively charged particles in the substrate and will be either sequestered there or taken up by the plants' roots. NO3- on the other hand will be rebuffed by the substrate and will stay in the water colum for the plants to take up through their foliage.

To summarize: NH4+ is more readily broken down by plants, but it exists in such small quantities compared to NO3 in an aquarium that there must be both. Having a filter will both a) provide water movement and physical particle removal and b) provide a source of NO3- as well as a backup in case something happens to your plants.

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