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I run my new 20gallon with just a powerhead. And i do wish i have a filter on the thing, i'll have to wait for my summer job. I'll say this, i have miracle grow potting soil under Eco-Complete. The miracle grow was boiled however. Anyhow it takes the plants forever to grow roots down into the miracle grow. So until then i have to add KNO3 and traces to get the plants to grow big leaves, otherwise the leaves are maybe 1/8th the size they are in my other tanks. I still cannot get them 1/2 as big, but its only been 2 weeks. The tank is coevered in brown sludge now. And i planted the tank medium to light. I think if you were to run filterless things are far more touchy. You must plants very very dense to start off filterless and you must wait twice as long to add fish, or in my case almost 7 times because i usually add fish the 2-3rd day. A lot of biomedia is maybe not important. but better save than sorry. If ammonium was so good for plants then how do people like myself and other have any success growing plants (I have to go 50ppm of co2 to get my ph below neutral). I think maybe my plants would have larger leaves if i had acidic water, i think Tom barr said PH has more affect than we give it credit for, But plants dont need the NH4. Its the luck of the draw i guess.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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