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How much light do you have bert? I have 1x36 and 2x13 watts over a 18T. I dose 4 mL flourish after water change on sat, and then M and W. I dose 2 mL of Flourish Iron on W. Currently I only have the 36 and one 13 watt as the tank is getting established. I've been having fuzz algae problems, but other than that the tank looks good. The fuzz algae supposedly has nothing to do with my ferts and is going away with manual removal. So, I don't want to recommend anything until the tank is doing well, but that is what I am dosing. I am working on a database where people can enter personal dosing parameters for a given area, so people can compare. Trace dosing shouldn't be a big issue, and will vary from place to place. I use recon R/O water, so I am adding all the traces back.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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