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I am curious about the amount of traces people out there add to their tanks. I was looking at another thread in this forum where I see that Carlos adds 21ml of Flourish and 21ml of Flourish Iron weekly to his 20 gal tank! This seems like an awful lot to me. Carlos, is this a high light tank? I am curious how you came to these numbers? I assume you worked your way up to them and compared your growth rates, etc.

As a comparison, I am adding 5ml of Flourish (done 2.5 at water change and 2.5 midweek) and 3.5ml of iron (.5ml daily) to my 29 gal on a weekly basis, and thinking things are OK. Maybe I will start upping these slowly. I need to be careful with my iron due to precipitate formation from my hard water. Once upon a time I only dosed traces once a week (2-3ml of flourish), then I started doing it 2x a week. At that time, I had a massive crypt meltdown. About 4 months later, my crypts have finally returned to their glory, so I am really hesitant to do anything too quickly. But those numbers are so high, it makes me wonder what if...

I'd like to hear some feedback on this.
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