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my set-up is not exactly an all crypt setup, but it feature a huge crypt bed.

My setup is a 2 way scape, meaning I can see from the front or back. From the front, I have a driftwood stacked high with java fern growing straight on top with occasional java fern winderluv. I have java fern tropica growing by the side of the driftwood and anubias nanas petite, anubias nanas and crypt wendtii bronze growing around the driftwood.

right beside the driftwood is a combination of echinodorus cordifolius "marble queen" and anubias "coffeefolia", then comes my crypt bed, made up of crypt wendtii, crypt becketii, crypt cruspatula v tokinensis and a fewmore others. on the crypt bed, i lay a couple of small driftwood covered with moss and pellia. right to the extreme right, I feature taller plants, like crypt nurii, crypt spiralis, aponogeton undulata, java fern "narrow leaf", crypt crispatua v sinensis and a echinodorus oriental growing out of the in the midst of this taller plants.

Setup for the tank is a 90 gal with 144W of compact florescent.

well, never knew it turned out to be this long.
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