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There have been a number of angelfish-specific diseases that have done serious damage to the whole breeder population over the past few years. That is one possibility.

Your fluctuating pH is another concern- you need to get to the bottom of that, b/c that is usually a symptom of some other issue in your tank.

I'd double-check your test kits to make sure they haven't expired, and also start taking water with you when you go to the LFS to double-check your results.

How often are you doing water changes, and how much at a time? It is possible that your shells keep raising the hardness and pH, and then every time you do a water change, this lowers those parameters back down. This type of fluctuation can be very dangerous for fish.

If your goal is to breed the angels and raise fry, then I'd encourage you to get a separate breeding tank. Angels aren't usually good parents, and fry are almost always eaten in a community tank setting. If this isn't one of your goals, however, then IMO your angels are fine with your RTS. I kept angels, tiger barbs, and RTS together in my 46gal for years, and IMO their aggression levels were well matched.

Your yellow cichlid might also be a Bolivian or Golden ram... you might want to get a positive ID on this fish- if it's an African cichlid most of those are not appropriate for community tanks, and many aren't appropriate for planted tanks, either (aggression, plant-eaters or diggers, different water chemistry needs, etc).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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