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Members of Aquatic Plant Central,

I am pleased to announce the beta release of Aquatic Plant Central's very own fully searchable plant database- The Plant Finder. In line with tradition on this forum, APC has worked very hard to create a database founded upon high standards and ambitions.

Each plant will be accompanied by at least a high quality image; each plant is accompanied by a four to five paragraph description including the plant's natural environment, availability, culture, growing habits, pruning methods, propagation, and aquascape placement. At this point, the database holds over 75 plant species, 69 with photographs, and 53 with descriptions.

But it does not stop there. We will continue to work on expanding it, trying to make it as comprehensive as possible and keeping it up to date with the newest species.

This is a beta release. We are still working to integrate The Plant Finder into our site, better its navigation system and provide for user submissions and comments.

Let me take a moment to thank all of the members of APC who have allowed us to use their photography in this undertaking! Also, to those that have given their precious time and knowledge to contribute to the database with a plant listing, A BIG thank you goes out to you!

Without further adieu, enjoy!: \:D/

The Plant Finder
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