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Another NEAPS fundraiser, auction.

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Hello folks,

I just re-scaped my 15 gallon and have a large group of plants to get rid of. These are on the APC auction as a fundraiser for the New England Aquatic Plant Society. Available are:

-1 large portion of Heteranthera zosterifolia
-1 large portion of Mayaca fluviatalis
-1 healthy Red tiger lotus, young plant. 6-8 leaves about 5"tall, leaves still small
-1 good portion of Rotala indica
-1 portion of Hygo. "Ceylon"

Shipping is $5 USPS Priority mail, remember it is winter so be aware, I have never had an issue yet but if the postal carrier leaves them on the doorstep and it is -5*.....

If an APC memebr takes all the plants, I will throw in a few stems of Bylxa japonica and Elatine tiendra (APP) Happy bidding! Feel free to PM or email me with any questions. I do not have any good photos of my tank right now but if you need a memory jog, photos and information can be found in the Plant Finder
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I would be interested in anything that would do good in a 15 gallon. I am saying this despite the fact that you state these come from a 15 gallon because I am not sure if they were removed because they outgrew your tank. If this is not the case, I will buy them. I am on my lunch break and don't have time to look up the specific plants right now, but will later.
I'm sorry folks that I am such a dunderhead.. I missed the most important part of all this, "Check the Auction section here at APC!" This is an auction for these plants :oops: I guess I should pay more attention late at night. Sorry for any confusion.

Happy bidding:)
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