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Another one

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I am positive this is a Polygonum.

Anyone knows what kind of Polygonum this is?

The plant was completely green when I bought it. The new growth is red.
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Don't know much about plants but they look great!
I was going to say it was the kind of Polygonum that Tropica carries, but then I checked their web site, and they don't carry it any longer. The kind they used to have developed reddish new growth in good light. As I recall, they didn't know what species it was.
Looks like mine(LFS imported from Oriental Aquarium in Singapore). They just say Polygonum sp.
That's really nice how you got them to redden up.

I've got 2 similar polygonums. I can't say which one yours are, the leaf shape/length look very different from what I have. Here are the pics for comparison.

Polygonum sp (from Oriental Aquarium)

Polygonum sp Sao Paulo
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