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Lookin good Gnatster:)

I like it over all, has kind of a Dutch beginnings feel to it. I generally don't care for the Dutch stuff to much but this seems like a hybrid to me. Personally I would loose the Echinodorus on the left 1/3 I really don't feel like it fits.

I really like the substrate you have chosen, I might have to try that sometime:) What is growing on it? Is that a very small plant , HC maybe, or...something else:p What is the low growing plant in the very center, Pelia?

The plants are all looking very healthy, good job. I love the wood on the right but maybe soem more on the left, to tie the two side together. Some on the right should be bigger and pointing toward the center also. I feel like what you have now will disappear with a little more growth. Maybe just a little more hardscaping in general.

What are your plans for this scape? What do you want it to look like all grown in?

Sorry to critique so hard. I do like it very much and feel like it will be very nice when it has filled in more. Now, go tell me how crappy mine looks:)
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