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Antibodi: Journey Between Nature & Aquarium

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Hello everybody, I'm Stefano from Italy.

I just wanna show you my recent tank of which I try to reproduce a west African biotope... could it be a small tributary river near Nyong in Cameroon...
Places where you can find plants like some species of Anubias, Crinum, Bolbitis and others... and fishes like Pelvicachromis Taeniatus, some characins like Neolebias Ansorgii and snails like Neritina Natalensis...

Here a selection of some pictures of Antibodi. Thanks for the interest. :)

In the beginning:

After a day...

After some weeks... other images...

A frontal shot...

at the end the most recent picture of Antibodi...

Here you can find my article "Antibodi: viaggio tra acquario e natura", in italian language... thanks again...
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That is a really stunning tank you have created. Very original! How in the world did you create that back drop & floor?

Have you thought about adding a little more moss around the tank? I think that would really complete the scape.
Hi Ajax.. thanks for comment...

The background is a self-made product... I love to searching natural materials and to use them for creating something inside the tank....
This time I have tried with a background that reproduces an african river side...
I have pasted natural materials like leaves of poplar, stones, several sands, pieces of screw root and dry grass with polyurethane foam.

I could add other moss on the background in the future, thanks :thumbsup:
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Hi Stefano,

Great to see you on APC!

One of the nicest biotope aquascapes I've ever seen.
Thanks George...

p.s. many compliments for your last creation... ;)
Excellent tank, Stefano. Great job on the background as well, it looks exactly like a river bank.
Very nicely done, Stefano! I didn't notice any fish in the tank, are they there?
Holi macaroni! :D
Would love to see some photos, if you have, of the creation progress of that gorgeous background! It's truly amazing!
Love the other scaping too...

PS: Checked your website and found some pictures, but mby some explanations in english? ;)
Cool....are you expecting any issues down the road as some of that organic material you added in there begins to decay? It is really cool looking btw :)
Thanks guys...

Bert... these are the fishes that live in Aquarium: a couple of Pelvicachromis Taeniatus.

And 2 snails... Neritina Natalensis

Calavera... we have nearly ended the translation of all the article…

oblongshrimp... I usually use these organic and natural materials for building the background or other in my tanks... it is nearly like in nature... sometimes I control the chemical parameters and they are always in the norm.
This is not the first my natural background, I have made various tests in the years with many organic materials like leaves, woods, dry grass, stones...
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Cool! Reminds me of documentaries.
I have a cichlid tank right now so I am looking into doing an african biotype tank. So I definatly want to hear specifics!

What type of foam did you use? How did you adhere it to the back of the tank? What did you use to attach the "natural materials" to it? Did you create a pocket for the roots to grow with the plants that are growing in the wall itself? What are you using for substrate?

I would love to hear about the types of plants, ferts and wpg for this tank.

Great job!
Very unique background you have done! It's true affrican wild riverside with roots, leaves, anubias & fishes....
Thank for impressive tank!
Now that is one GREAT looking tank :faint: . Please tell us how you've made that wonderful looking background!
hi Stefano,
Nice to meet you here. 'golden hands' member!
Your unique background so impression!
Keep us updated as it fills in!
Very beautiful indeed. What substrate are you using? I've always wanted a biotope tank, but the temptation of using species from different places was always too tempting... Congratulations on your truly spectacular aquarium!
Very nice background. I was curious if you had to silicon the background to the back of the tank to keep it from floating, due to the foam? If so, is it hard to change out the background down the road, or is this the scape for the life of the tank? Excellent work!
I have made various tests in the years with many organic materials like leaves, woods, dry grass, stones...
could you tell me what background material you like best?
Hello guys... thanks a lot for your positive comments... you're too much kind with me.
First of all... excused for my not perfect English :D

To Skelley and other friends ;) small explanation :rolleyes:

The foam that I have used is expanded polyurethane, before I have mixed it with sands (color grey and amber), and I have put that material on one slab of plexiglass.
Subsequently I have added the natural materials and I have put a second layer to the background.
Added the roots... the plants are growing in the wall itself.
I have left to pass of the time and have put one impermeable varnish.

I have not used the silicone in order glue the background to the back glass but I have embedded it... it has been easy.

For the substrate I have used 2 kind of fine sands... and i have put it over leaves and broken roots... it's so natural... under the sands i have used a very little bit of fertilizing material... for the Crinun plants...

I promise one translation of the article soon

Thanks again... :)

under a picture of one Neritina Natalensis on the roots...

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That is absolutely stunning! I make my own backgrounds as well with the polystyrene foam. How did you carve yours? I used a dremel and a heat knife and then heated it down with a heat gun.

Unfortunately, mine is siliconed directly to the tank, so as an above member stated, that's pretty much the background for the life of the tank, so I'm glad that I like it!

I can't wait to read your translation with detailed directions. I'd absolutely love to try something like that with the roots. Thanks so much for sharing!
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