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Anubias,aromatica,java moss,powerhead,pirahna!

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2- limnophilla aromatica, 12" stems, 4.00 SOLD SOLD
3 anubias, coffefolia,nana,bartei? 4"plants,all 3 for 12.00
1 big anubias biggest leaf 8" shorter 4" 5.00
2 golfballs java moss 6.50
1 golfbal java moss 3.75

Zoomed 125gph powerhead with new sponge filter on bottom!
used for few months. works perfect! the output moves back and forth. the gph is adjustable go from 30gph-125gph. 9.00

Heres your chance to finally own a pirahna! no feeding or water changes!
This is a real pirahna! not plastic or fake. this is a taxidermized pirahna and is neat or gross your call!
great gift or display piece! all real teeth are intact and sharp!
fish measures 6" tall and 8" long. Great halloween item to! 18.00

shipping is 6.00 priority, more if you get powerhead or pirahna

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Anubias above sold!

25 mts snails, 1/4- 1/2" 5.00

nano diffuser, new! 5-20g 8.00

adding 1 more anubias, sold!
3-4" leaves nice!

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