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I got some Anubias minima, MOTHER plants this week fro the first time.

I looked around the net at my competition to see who else had it and what they were selling it for. Here is what I found out:

AZ gardens... doesn't have it doesn't have it

freshwater aquarium plants doesn't have it

Florida driftwood... doesn't have it

live aquaria doesn't have it

The only place I could find in the USA on the internet that has it is Bayleesfishes, Bayleesfishees: their price, $29.99!!!!
Aqua Botanics price; $19.90 Thats ten bucks lower!

The Anubias minima mother plant comes in a 5" diameter pot and has over 25 leaves approx 12" long. Its a mide level to background plant in a small tank. It grows slowly and needs only low light or better. Great for low tech or high tech. Tough, durable leaves that are resistent to leaf nibbling fish.
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