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Anubias 'petite requirements

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I know anubias petites should be kept away from too much light, but what makes it grow fast? I've read that co2 doesn't not help too much, and that iron will contribute to some growth. :D
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I've grown this plant in high light with CO2 and in low light without CO2 but with good ferts. It did grow faster in the low light tank but I'm not sure that what started it growing. Anubias will take longer to settle in then other plants. But when they start growing they do grow fast.
I have it growing in a low light shrimp tank with no ferts and it grows fine. There is ADA AS in this tank though. I also have it growing in a high light nano with co2 and fert dosing. It grows much quicker in this tank. It also has AS in it.

General rule of thumb. Plants grow faster with more of their requred perameters i.e. light, ferts, co2...
I have grown tons of this plant. Its growth rate is typical for an Anubias. I have it in moderately lit, CO2 enriched tanks with EI type dosing. I've also grown it in low light with Flourish. Only problem I ever have is some gsa on some leaves. I have grown it in full light and partial shade - no difference for me. One of my favorites!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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